Thursday, August 9, 2007


The one day shoot in Berwick-upon-tweed today was rough, every idea i came across fell through. I thought a nap by the riverside would somehow make a story happen but that would have been a stretch. I wondered all over the town and to the towns across the river finding nothing of interest, and i refused to do something lame. Before long it was 6:30 all but three of us were gone and I was beginning to panic. All the shops were closed, not many people were outside and the sun was slowly fleeting. As I was running by the beach I noticed a man wadding out in the low tide pools. He wasn't doing much but I was desperate. It turns out he was Polish and couldn't much in english except, "I don't speak english". So unable to explain myself I pointed to my camera and he nodded. After a while of climbing on the rocks, I wasn't getting what I wanted, so I took off my shoes, rolled up my pants and waded out there with him. There I was jagged rocks covered in slippery seaweed with a $3000 dollar camera in hand, not the best idea but it turned out to be great. We would attempt to communicate every so often through butchered words and gestures. He took to my liking and offered me a ride in his car, to which I thought was the train station, but as I noticed us going over a bridge out of town I wondered if I'd make it home that night. He turned out not to live to far off and was staying in a house with 8 other polish workers, two of which were his children. The others could speak more english and one lady acted as a translator. They were very hospitable and I enjoyed them a lot. This was just the kind of story I had been looking for the past four weeks. I'm going back twice this weekend to get as much as I can out of it, but I wish I could spend more time with them.

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Anna Edwards said...

Not only are your pictures (not to mention those people) great, but that grammar, Jones. The grammar! Good job. :)