Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Candle Pouring

Spent the morning with Kathy a couple weeks ago. She does this old style of candle making that involves pouring the hot bees wax down each wick. Its very labor intensive and by no means practical but to her it is a way of meditation. She Learned the Trade years ago from a man living in Alaska. She once tried to make a business out of selling the candles but has gotten involved in other things and only produces them once a year. She believes that there are very few, maybe no one else in the world who still make candles this way, its a forgotten trade. Anyways, she is a very kind and knowledgeable person, it was a pleasure just to be around her.

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johnny said...

put that 28 away and show me some faces dude. your action in that frame takes up eighth of the frame. move that camera up a foot and you've got eyes, expression, something i can identify with. without them, (most of the time) its just bodies in odd positions. Show me whats going on and quit being so passive.

Hope that makes sense, sorry if this was a bit unsolicited, just some observations.