Friday, July 10, 2009









I spent the fourth in Athens, so I figured I'd drive out down state street to see the fireworks friday night. I had heard people congregate in the the Walmart parking lot and I couldn't resist checking it out. Sure enough there were plenty of people present but the overhead lights were awful so I walked to a nearby field. The fireworks weren't too bad but I wish I was closer. And seeing how I have a 28mm lens on my camera 95% of the time my frames didn't include much firework, but still interesting I think. Afterwards everyone ran into the Walmart for some reason. Perhaps there was a blowout sale on fireworks or maybe its just the place to hang out on friday nights. It does stay open 24 hours, no bar boasts those kind of hours.

Barbecue and Crab Feast





My friend Dale only knows how to cook expensive time consuming meals, unfortunately he is not rich or have tons of time on his hand. So he eats good once a month then scavenges the rest of the time. Fortunately I caught one of the better meals: shiskabobs, grilled corn, grilled asparagus, burgers and macaroni. Delectable.

I also chowed down on some crabs while at home, six bushels to be exact. Its been a good few years since I've eaten crabs right out of the shell and man were they good.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fishing at Cedarville





I took my little sisters fishing while at home. I only had two rods so me and my friend had the pleasure watching two little girls attempting to fish. They did catch one fish however, but only after sitting for two and a half hours and untangling two lines from the trees.

Camping... Sorta



Spent the last night in my house sleeping in my Housemate David's Tent. We were going to sleep outside but our yard is rocks so we just set it up inside. Took some pictures in the morning before heading off to Maryland for a week. Dave had graduation latter that day. It's strange to think I have just one year left of college, pending I don't become a supper senior, which is what happened to Dave. But that's good he'll be around in the fall. I'll be sad to finally see him go.

15 1/2 Morris







I moved out of the house/barn I've been living in the last 6 months. I was glad to leave, but admittedly I will miss the place. The nostalgia only lasts until I remember how unbearably cold it gets in winter and how uncomfortably hot it was in the spring. Also the infestation of ants and spiders wasn't always appealing, nor the roommate who ate all your food. Oh and the bats. The house was an experience, and according to some admiring townies who came to view the house, better people for living here. Anyways here's the house after I spent all night cleaning.