Thursday, October 15, 2009















I am finally done with everything that resulted from Palmerfest back in May. I finally accepted a plea bargain a few weeks ago after dragging the case out all summer. I wanted to fight it to the end and was to days away from trial but settling garunteed I stayed in school and didn't get branded with a violent crime on my record. So I gave in. Makes you think twice about the rights you really do have in this country, and the less money you have the fewer rights you seem to have.

Anyways I walked away with two second degree misdemeanors, obstructing a police horse and obstruction of justice, both of which can be expunge in a year. I also had to spend another night in jail on top of the time I spent the night of my arrest, a hefty $800 plus fine and one hundred hours community service working with horses. I also just had my hearing with the university which ruled to put my of disciplinary probation. Its been a rough ride and I guess for a journalist being arrested is almost like winning an award. But i think a little asterisk needs to be added to the end of Robert Capa's famous saying, "If you're pictures aren't good enough then you're not close enough... except when police on horseback are involved because they will confiscate your camera and then you wont have the pictures anyways."

Thank you to everyone who supported me, all the professors in viscom especially Marcy, the NPPA for picking up my story and Mickey for his advice and my friends and classmates for their willingness to help in anyway they could, it was comforting how supportive this industry is, I received emails and phone calls from so many people. I would also like to thank everyone back home for their letters of support and everyone who was praying for me. I know I was in good hands. I would also like to especially thank my mom for her untiring support. I often take her for granted but know I couldn't have gone through this without her.

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