Saturday, April 24, 2010

Road trip to Maine

Oars Island.


Bowdoin College.

Home made photo booth.

Lobster Roll from Moores Restaurant.

Redbrick, the frisbee team house.



Tour bus doing a Jersey sweep through traffic atop the George Washington bridge.


Skipped classes last week and drove to Brunswick, Maine with a friend who used to go to school up there. The drive was somewhere around 14 hours and we broke up the drive by me driving all the way there and she driving all the way back. The worst part was that there was way better picture opportunities when I was driving. But the trip turned out really great, I saw Portland, touched the ocean, visited the 24 hour L.L. Bean store in Freeport, ate lobster, drank lots of good beer (there are a ton of breweries up there, we ended up bringing back over 3 cases worth), and met a lot of fun people.

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Anonymous said...

heyy Eric! Very interesting shots.. nice to get a sneek peek into your life.. Looks like a lotta fun and i love your camera! :D ye magic lies in the hands of the photographer tho :D