Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random unblogged images

Brian at the Baltimore Aquarium.

The Brewer's Art, Baltimore.

The Brewer's Art, Baltimore.

Maryland Rt 231.

Benedict Bridge

Brandywine River Museum.

Eastern Market, DC.

Starbucks, DC.

Kevin, Waldorf, MD.

Josh and Michael, Silver Spring, MD.

Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH.

Softball, Athens, OH.

Swim meet, Athens, OH.

Josh, Athens, OH.

State Street, Athens, OH.

Carpenter Street, Athens, OH.


College Park, MD.

quesadilla with a fried egg.

My camera is back in the shop because of a faulty Auto Focus point that was overlooked when my mirror was replaced. So here are some random images I never posted to fill the void.

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