Friday, September 3, 2010

Assateague Island Camping

Check out my soda can stove heating that pot of water! Actually it did a pretty poor job, it couldn't bring the water to a boil and I ended up burning through a lot of fuel, but our spaghetti was edible — well sort of. That label-less can on the right was some spaghetti sauce I found in my garage which had the year 2007 written in sharpie marker. Probably not the best decision.

Planned a trip out to Assateague Island with two of my good friends. In hopes of avoiding the crowd we hiked 6 miles down the beach and slept at one of the primitive campsites. However, while we left most of the sunbathers and swimmers behind, we had the pleasure of walking beneath countless reels of fishing line connecting four wheel drive trucks to the ocean. Luckily at night all the trucks cleared out and we were left alone under some of the best stars I've ever seen in my life. We ended the trip with a dip in the ocean and then stopped off at the first place we saw for crab cake sandwiches.

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