Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Linfen Apartment

This is the outside of my apartment building from the back.

My kitchen with awkwardly low counters and high cabinets.

My little fridge and washer.

Check out the sweet lamp.

The spare room, equipped with a mattress and everything. This apartment was intended for a couple.

My little porch with clotheslines and a sweet plant.

My view of the giant Garfield mural.

I'm all settled in Linfen. After lugging my bags through Beijing and crashing three days at my friend Han's place it was nice to finally move into a place of my own. My apartment here is real nice and now I have the internet up and running. I had to do a little hacking to get to a few sites including this one though. Apparently my blog must be to racy for Chinese eyes. So I created a secure shell (SSH) tunnel to the server where my website is hosted and then configured foxy proxy to access blocked sites via that server. Its been working for sites like blogger, but facebook and twitter don't normally load all the way, so I might have to let those go for a while.

Anyways the university I ended up at is pretty nice. The apartments are good, the five other English teachers are all friendly and they say the university always pays on time and is pretty attentive to your needs. I don't have any classes yet but I was a guest teacher for one of my co-workers classes, just so I could get my feat wet.

I haven't taken many pictures yet. I've mostly just been walking around observing and getting comfortable here. Hopefully some images will come soon.


Marisa said...

Again, I am so proud of you! The place looks nice and cozy. You need to email me your address so I can start writing to you about all my woes! haha. Enjoy your time there. I am expecting spectacular images.

Robert said...

Your mom and I are extremely proud of you.What an awesome opportunity to teach and travel.Your apartment looks great with lots of room especially by China standards!Looking forward to more stories and pictures around China.Love Dad