Monday, November 22, 2010

First a teacher now a coach

These are from three weeks ago, I've just been lazy about posting. I went to China North University (中北大学)for the provincial English competition. It's a school just outside of the capital city of Taiyuan. I was one of two teachers sent by our school to act as coaches for our two students. Our students didn't place too high, one got 9th place out of 39, but the trip was still pretty fun. I thought the judging was a little skewed anyways and there seemed to very little basis for the awarded scores. Our students were good sports though and we were able to just enjoy ourselves. We climbed up one of the mountains neighboring the school, which was really cool to see. The other teacher was Chinese, fairly young and spoke really good English. She was really nice and helped to teach me some more Chinese too.

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