Friday, November 26, 2010

Jinci and Shanxi Museum

Shanxi Museum

Journey to the West paper cut outs.

Linfen on a nice smoggy morning.

Last weekend my school sponsored a trip to Taiyuan for all the foreign teachers. Only half of us went but it included the cute 71-year-old Japanese man that lives above me. We actually bunked together Saturday night; he's a pretty interesting guy. His Chinese is quite good and his English isn't too bad either. One of the other teacher's husband could speak some Japanese and it wasn't unusual to hear any mixture of Chinese, English and Japanese circulated through our conversations. They took us to Jinci (晋祠) and Shanxi Museum (山西博物馆), both were pretty impressive.


Balaphoto said...

Excellent pictures!!! Congratulations!!!

Frank, Barcelona

Eric Jones said...

gracias Frank. There's some really nice pictures on your blog too.