Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crazy English Wuhan

Mr. Li Yang himself beig "crazy" (i.e. BS-ing his way through the lecture)

After spending a few days back in Linfen another teacher and myself road the 16 hour train down to Wuhan (武汉) to work at a week long English Camp hosted by Crazy English (疯狂英语). Now most people outside China probably have never heard of Crazy English, but its founder Li Yang (李阳) is pretty famous here in China. There might be a few good tips you could pull out from his methods but mostly it's an over priced camp (somewhere around $300 to $450 a person) to run around yelling, yes yelling, fixed phrases. And did I mention that the food was awful, well it was. And to my great disappointment the camp wasn't even hosted in Wuhan City. We hide to ride a bus nearly two hours to this so called hot spring resort place. This place looked like it was a remnant from the 1970's or something – faded paint, everything in ill repair, dirty – but in fact the place was built in 2006. Only 5-years-old? I said to myself, I mean when we arrived half the lights in our room didn't work, some days there was no pressure in the shower and the hot springs were more like bath water. But I managed to make it through the week despite not being able to leave, catching a cold – probably from malnutrition, and having to spend my birthday working.

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