Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Festival in Bed (过年在床上)

Money! …wait, that doesn't look right.

That's better.

Pow. pow. pow.

I think it actually cleared my ear out a little bit (You'll understand if you read below).

On the train back from Wuhan I had the most awful pain in my right ear. My guess is that the lingering congestion from being sick prevented pressure from being released and then the Chinese woman sleeping next to me stabbed me with a knife. Well maybe not that last part, but it sure felt like it. I was only able to get 2 hours of sleep on the train (it was overnight), transferred in the morning and arrived back in Linfen around noon. I was completely drained, but a few of my friends picked me up at the station and took me out to get some lunch. And that began the beginning of my two week sickness that resulted in the pile of medicine you see above. That bottom one I even had to take through an IV for 3 days. Aside from my ear issue, which had a similar feeling to when your ear doesn't "pop", I had a constant fever for about a week that would flare up once or twice a day, a splitting headache, aching sinuses, and all kinds of nastiness coming out my throat and nose. It was miserable, I mostly slept and when I was awake enough listened to audio books (I got through 5 of them!). What made it worse was that I was sick over the Chinese Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year, whatever you want to call it). I only felt well enough to make it out of the house for part of new years day., and aside from listening to the constant bombardment of firecrackers and fireworks, this was all I got to see of the holiday that tends to linger for about 2 weeks (hmm what a coincident). Fortunately on my outing I had my hand at lighting some firecrackers and I ate lunch with my friends family while also spending some time visiting another. For a few days I lived solely on PB and J, oranges and the soup my friend brought me. Everything was closed even if I wanted to try going out.

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