Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swift Cycles Bike Shop (风驰单车)

From the opening day of their new location.

Xiaopi "little skin" (小皮) on the second floor.

Using a helmet for a bowl.

The shops cat and the little girl that sometimes wanders in and talks with everyone.

Working hard on fixing bikes…

Mini ping pong. Oh and that's Philip on the left, I just met him a few weeks ago, he's from Cape Town. The man is a riot and he has been stopping by the shop a lot lately.

Xiao Yu.

What happens when Xiao Yu gets drunk.

The bosses.

This is the bike shop where I spend a lot of my free time. These guys are so much fun and there are always people stopping by or hanging around the shop. I was the one that came up with the English translation for their name.

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