Monday, April 11, 2011

Not your ordinary furniture

Table is red sandalwood (紫檀) and the model on the left is of one near Datong (大同), which I didn't get to see.

Ming Dynasty style bed also made out of red sandalwood (紫檀). The stuff is really heavy not to mention pretty rare these days; most of its probably in China.

Calligraphy done by China's first president Sun Wen (孫文), known in the West as Sun Yat-sen.

These last three also all made from red sandalwood (紫檀).

(detail of the lower half of the cabinet above).

My friend Xianghuan (向环), who goes by the name Altair.

Visited the apartment of one of the older gentleman I know through the bike club. He collects wood furniture, mostly red sandalwood (紫檀), as you may have noticed, as well as lots of little trinkets. There's some pretty expensive stuff in there.

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