Friday, April 15, 2011

Shaolin Temple (少林寺)

genuine monk sold products.

The famous pagoda forest (塔林)

Chinese chess (象棋)

Some really old trees, like 2,000+

Buddha Phone! actually I'm not sure that's a buddha, I think it actually might be Bodhidharma (菩提达摩),  but I still thought it was funny.

Was pretty excited to get out to Shaolin Temple (少林寺) even though I knew it would be really touristy. Some of these pictures are from the surrounding area as well, including Song Mountain (嵩山). The temple itself was pretty typical as far as Chinese Temples go, but the pagoda forrest (塔林) was definitely cool, made me want to watch the movie again. Anyways, this is a big post, but I hope you enjoy what I was able to pull out of the the crowd.

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