Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Chinese Wedding (Part 1)

"Xi Jie Liang Yuan" - Make a good match (more or less)

Took pictures of my fiend Er Hei's (二黑) wedding. It was actually their second ceremony, their first being in Er Hei's hometown. "Er Hei" is also not his real name but it's what everyone calls him and the translation is rather funny, "Er" being "two" and "Hei" being "black", when pronounced the name is a homophone for "too black" – maybe this is only funny to me. Anyways the wedding ceremony was interesting but I must admit I was a little disappointed. I expected it to be more traditional but in all honesty it felt more like a game show or something. There was a host, which was hired, that moved things along, and in between segments they would blast random music, one notable piece being the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. The actual ceremony only lasted about thirty minutes and the meal that followed went pretty quick as well. Maybe the second time through you speed up the process. Another notable tidbit is that the couple had only just met in January, and here they are married four months later.

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