Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guangsheng Si (广胜寺)

The upper temple consists mostly of Feihong "Flying rainbow" Pagoda (飞虹塔). According to the internet it's the largest and best preserved glazed tiled pagoda in China.

The official plaque declaring the place significant to the country. Guangsheng si written in traditional characters: "廣勝寺"

I'm pretty sure I saw a skull in one of these tomb things.

That's the pagoda in the distance.

These last few are all from near the lower temple.

too bad, that water is so clear.

That's a real animal by the way.

A biking trip out to Guangsheng Temple (广胜寺). It's about 28 miles (45km) away from Linfen (临汾), in hongtong county (洪洞县), northeast of Hongtong City (洪洞市) itself. I didn't actually go in the lower or upper temple but walked around lots outside. There is a big spring at the bottom that splits the water 70% one way and 30% the other. It's the result of an old story about two groups dividing up the water, but I wasn't able to fully understand. The picture with the lady in pink above shows the structure commemorating the story, maybe you can make out the characters. But I did understand that a big fence had to be built around the spring to keep people from polluting it, however the water is quickly littered with trash on the other side of the fence.

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