Friday, May 27, 2011

Ping Yao (平遥) Part 1

Ping Yao Beef, supposedly some of the best in the country

Steamed Oat Noodles (莜面烤佬佬)

Our room.

Metal netting with bells to detect robbers who sneak into the banks.

"为人民服务", wei renmin fuwu, for the people serve

"龙门", long men, dragon gate

map of Ping Yao

I made it up to Ping Yao (平遥), super interesting place. It's one of China's best preserved ancient cities, and it's still functioning too. Me and my two friends slept in traditional style courtyard within the city walls. The place is full of scenic sites but at the same time walking almost anywhere in the city is interesting. It definitely worth the visit; it's very authentic. More pictures to come.

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