Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The "Sky Plank Walk" (长空栈道)

"思过崖" - Siguo Cliff. This is what's at the other end of the path, it's the only way to get here. Siguo can be translated as "reflect on ones' faults".

There's a little cave shrine as well; sorry I forgot to take note of its name.

The famed Huashan (华山) plank walk (长空栈道); I had to try it. It's actually not really as scary as it may seem, but maybe it should have been because this is China and safety isn't always a top concern. As you can see there are harnesses and such so as long as you work the carabiners right you should be safe. But some people found them too cumbersome and took some pretty large liberties while moving along the cliff-side.

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