Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Motorcycle Mechanic

This guy has sheds full of half put together motorcycles, and makes a living working on them in his back yard, especial off ones that have been smuggled into the country. There's very little information available in Chinese about how to work on these illegal bikes, and there's a certain degree of risk involved so he's able to charge much more. The last five pictures are of this cool little moped  from the 70's or 80' that's really hard to find anymore. It was made by a company called Li Ming. He said the thing had been sitting around for 10 years but he got it running and we all took turns driving it around the courtyard


motorcycle mechanic said...

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Eric Jones said...

The key is Gatorade, it not only quenches human thirst, it quenches motor thirst too.

car service said...

Some great work here! Nice photos too