Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Windmark

Check out that sweet box I was able to strap on the back. Carried groceries all the time with that thing. Here it's full of a few of my students writing notebooks.

Peach blossoms a week before they bloomed

The Fen River (汾河) south of Linfen (临汾)…waterless.

My beloved Giant Windmark that I had to leave behind in China. This little 8-speeder with down tube shifters cost me about $250, and I put somewhere in the vicinity of 1,000 miles on this baby. I was able to see a good portion of the surrounding areas because of this bike. I took this thing on dirt roads, gravel roads, off road. I also used it to commute to campus 2 twice a week in the spring, and I didn't get a single flat tire. I ended up selling it for a little more than half what I paid for it; the student I sold it to said he was going to ride it to his hometown of Taiyuan (太原).

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