Thursday, September 15, 2011

Driving Xi'an

Hua Shan (华山) from the Highway. The apartments above the police station I waited at while one of my friends tried to track down his towed car. Until then I didn't know there was such things as parking violations in China. A bridge over the Yellow River (黄河), connecting Shaanxi (陕西) to Shanxi (山西). Same bridge. Went to Xi'an (西安) for a few days at the end of my stay in China. We drove there from Linfen (临汾), stopping off in Yuncheng (运城) on the way. The three day trip turned into four was mostly full of driving, visiting and eating, and we sure did eat good. I say turned into four days, because when our car got towed for parking illegally, we kinda had to wait to get it back.

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