Friday, September 16, 2011

A glimpse of my personal life in China

toaster oven cooking: Meatloaf toaster oven cooking: stuffed eggplant. Yum. So I wasn't so great with the dishes, but it didn't help that I ate out 80% of them time. I probably ate breakfast that day with a tupperware container and a spatula. Cool little bird that kept trying to live in my stoves exhaust vent. Probably twice a month I would finish showering, look down at the floor and find there was more than just water pouring out of the nozzle. My temporary solution to warding off mosquitoes. Yes I brought a tent to China. Lychee (荔枝), A native fruit to southern China that's supposed to be pretty good for you. There are some pretty cool alcohol bottles in China. This liquor cost roughly $150 a bottle, and we finished both of them. I can't say it tasted a whole lot better than $10 baijiu (白酒) though This one somehow has bamboo worked into it.

Here are just some random personal images from when I was living in China.

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