Friday, September 9, 2011

Lishan Pt. 1 (历山)

One of my last weeks in Linfen a group of my friends to me out to see Lishan (历山), which is a type of natural preserve located in Yicheng county (翼城) (Note: this is a different Yishan then the one I blogged about on April 9, 2011 even though the chinese characters are the same and they are both within Linfen municipal). It was so much greener there then the majority of the area, and it was quite nice to be somewhere that didn't feel smothered with human impact. The rain that we had woke up the day to had blown over by the afternoon and the 3 hour car ride over some not so great roads was well worth the trip. Yishan is actually comprised of several mountain peaks, which is typical of most mountains in china. There seemed to be quite a few trails winding across the mountain sides; I really wished I had the time to do some camping there.

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