Monday, October 17, 2011

Chinese Noodles

Niu Rou Wanzi Mian (牛肉丸子面) ≈ Beef meatball noodle
Linfen's (临汾) specialty dish; It doesn't travel too far from the source either. It's also extremely spicy.

Dao Xiao Mian (刀削面)≈ Knife cut noodle (meat)

Ti Jiao (剔尖)

YouPo Mian (油泼面) ≈ Oil Sprinkled Noodles

Youpo Mian (油泼面) ≈ Oil Sprinkled Noodle

He Lu Mian (饸烙面)

Bo Mian (拨面)

Chao Wantu (炒碗秃)

Qiaqia Mian (掐掐面) ≈ pinched noodles
Pingyao specialty (平遥特色)

Saozi Mian (臊子面)
without broth

Saozi Mian (臊子面)
with broth

MenMian (焖面) ≈ Braised Noodle

Mala Mian (麻辣面) ≈ Spicy Noodle (cold dish)

Fen Tiao (粉条) ≈ Noodles made from bean or potato powder (ball form)

Ji Kuai Mian (鸡块面) ≈ Chicken Chunk Noodle
Basically DaPanJi (大盘鸡) but in a smaller bowl

Guo Qiao Mi Xian (过桥米线) ≈ Crossing the Bridge Rice noodle
Originating in Yunnan (云南)

La Mian (拉面) ≈ Hand Pulled Noodles
I heard this is what Ramen is based on

GouDao Mian (沟刀面) ≈ Grooved Knife cut noodles (vegtable)

GouDao Mian (沟刀面) ≈ Grooved Knife cut noodles (meat)

Biang Biang Mian (面)
This character is only for this noodle and is one of the most complicated in contemporary use. I had to use an image to represent it because there is no Unicode value for the character, i.e. it can't be typed on normal computers.

Biang Biang Mian (A not so good version)

Xiexier Mian (斜斜儿面)

Liang pi (凉皮) ≈ (rice noodle base)

Liang pi (凉皮) ≈

Kudai Mian (裤带面)

Jiu Pian (揪片)

This is a good number of the noodles I tried while in China, but not all of them. Shanxi (山西) is famous for there noodles, and there is supposedly upwards of 100 different kinds, though several of these originated in Shaanxi province (陕西省) as well as elsewhere. Hopefully this fills some of the gaps in the internet for others trying to track down the varieties of chinese noodles.


Lauri said...

OK - now I'm hungry. These look amazing. Amy was having noodle cravings not so long ago- went around the internet looking for pictures and recipes. I'll tell her to take a look.

Logan said...

What an badass collection of noodles. Very helpful to identify some we've been eating in China since we don't have read or speak any mandarin. Beautiful photos too. Thanks for putting this together.

Eric Jones said...

There seems to be a lack of noodle pictures out there so I'm glad these proved useful. There is so many more that I wish I had pictures of, some I've tried and some I have yet to but perhaps one day I can expand this collection of images.

lamianworld said...

Love your collection of noodles. Not only photos are hard to find also these dishes are mostly impossible to find outside of China

Eric Jones said...

Thanks lamianworld. I'm always trying to track down chinese noodles here in America. I know it's pretty far from you right now but there are two noodle houses in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania that would be worth putting on the radar incase you're ever in that part of the world; Nanzhou hand drawn noodle house, and Lanzhou hand drawn noodle house. Best of luck with your quest.