Friday, August 31, 2012

Bike Commute: Southern, MD to Washington, DC (Pt. 1)

Me and My hog. Turning out of the neighborhood onto Rt228/Berry Rd. Sunrise over the old sod farm. Now google says the road ends here, but... To the right is a path that leads around to the old road. Badabing! It's actually a fun road to bike, you just have to climb over the two cement barriers after the bridge. It cut about 2 miles off my old route too. I bike through lots of neighborhoods. But unfortunately you still have to bike a mile and a half along the highway, uphill too. A few backgrounds with not the widest of shoulders but there aren't too many cars Closed road number two, though it's pretty short. Cut through the park at the end of Aurthur Rd. Now there is a fence around National Harbor, but...
At the end of this street is a hole in the fence you can cut through. Cut through the loading docks for the gaylord, and that puts you right on the water front.

This is the first half of my refined bike route from Waldorf, MD to DC (Pt. 2 here). You should be able to view the details of the route at MapMyRun. It is not always ideal biking conditions but it is the best route I could find while not adding too much distance. It takes me about 2 hours going and 2 hours 15 minutes coming back, but usually I only ride one way and take the bus the other. On the whole I'm pretty happy with it and i hope it can be useful to anyone else looking for a good route to DC. Any comments are welcome.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Mixed greens and farm fresh tomatoes, covered in northern white beans and anchovies, and topped with chipotle hot sauce. I have weird taste buds.