Saturday, September 8, 2012

Xiong's Cafe (老地方)

Biked over to Houston's Chinatown-area. It's not a very centralized chinatown and is mostly comprised of strip malls but seems like there are some real gems in there if you can find them. Unfortunately it's 15 miles from my house so I won't be spending tons of time over there. I ate at little place called Xiong's Cafe(老地方). It wasn't amazing but it wasn't americanized so I was happy. My tomato, egg noodles weren't the style I was hoping for but they were tasty enough, and I was excited to find hezi (合子) on the menu. And best of all there was aged Vinegar on the table, so in true Shanxi fashion I doused everything in it. If you're itching for a noodle fix seems I'd recommend the visit.

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